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Little Chefs

“What will we cook tomorrow, Miss?”

This question can always be heard every Thursday in SD Kharisma Bangsa from the members of the Little Chef Club. Students are always excited about cooking different types of food or making new drinks every week in a kitchen, using real cooking utensils.

With assistance from teachers, students cook traditional and international cuisine, such as sosis asam manis, pisang bakar, risoles, fussili, okonomiyaki, Mac & Cheese, etc. In this club, students learn about ingredients, cooking techniques, food decoration, cleaning skills, and food science including nutrition and food safety. Working together to create these dishes encourages the students to improve their self confidence, creativity, and responsibility.


Young Scientist

This Science is fun! Students are always excited to learn Science. We had a Yong Scientist Club twice in a month. Grade 1 until Grade 5 students has done their experiments in Science Lab by guidance from their teachers. They should follow the instruction from the book, do the step one by one and see the result.

The 1st graders has an experiment about hidden picture. First, they had to draw or write something on white paper by using white candle stick. Then, they put some color water on that paper by using cotton. “Wow!!! Look, Miss! We can see the picture now! It’s magic!” said the students. They were so excited and wanted to try their experiment again and again.